Electric Scooter: RedE, a French company challenges the utility scooter market


Created by Valentin DILLENSCHNEIDER and Etienne MAO in 2014, here is RedE, an electric scooter cargo that boasts the best price / quality ratio of the market!



Valentin, pro DIYer with 2-wheelers and Etienne well connected for sourcing had the idea to create their own electric scooter under the brand RedE. After eliminating many subcontractors (for reasons of quality or ethics) they found a partner in China with the help of Etienne. Starting from an existing chassis and fairing they redesigned all the components of the scooter and trusted BOSCH for the electric motor and a subcontractor from Lenovo for the battery.

Originally from Nancy, the company now has an office in Paris and a workshop in Montrouge.
The RedE scooter has already conquered Frichti, Sushi Shop, Dominos Pizza or Stuart, is positioning itself on a call for tender from the city of Paris and is in contact with Geodis for the delivery of the last kilometer in the Forum des Halles, many projects!


RedE is backed by the Pole Capital seed fund which has been on their side since the beginning, especially for the very expensive phase of homologation of the scooter and battery to move to commercialization ...


Specs sheet of the RedE utility scooter

2kW Bosch motor guaranteed 2 years, maximum speed of 45kph, real life range of 60km, removable battery with a 1 year warranty and announced with 700 cycles of charge.

The next evolution will carry a USB port and 12-inch wheels, the price is set at 2300€ HT with one battery, a rental service is also offered.

Focused on service and responsiveness they master the assembly and all the components, their after sales service in the Paris region has all the parts in stock.

Figures and objectives

Already 70 units delivered in France and a hundred others by the end of the year, 1000 units should be delivered in 2018!


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