(VIDEO) Smart Vision EQ, the Smart of the future is an autonomous carsharing service!


At the occasion of the TecDay and at the approach of the Frankfurt Motor Show, IAA 2017, Smart reveals its vision of the Smart of the Future, an electric microcar that adopts autonomous driving and you order just like a uber!

The Smart Vision EQ ForTwo is an innovative concept car that stands as a demonstrator for the dozen new electric vehicles that are expected in the Daimler group by 2022!

Driverless and connected, you can simply order it from a smartphone, it is also interconnected and flexible to be able to send you the nearest car. As soon as it is not in use, the Smart Vision EQ returns to a charging station (by induction). Its battery is large enough for the city with 30kWh.


It is also customizable when you are on board with, for example, a LED panel of 105 x 40 cm at the front, the lights are also customizable.
Inside it is the revolution, no more pedals or steering wheel (this is the first vehicle of the group to be exempt from it) but only a 25 inches screen to inform or entertain you according to your needs.

The opening of the round doors is made in elytra along an axis located at the level of the rear wheel, this has several advantages: firstly an easy access, then space saving and finally more safety to avoid collisions with pedestrians or cyclists.

Doors can also display messages when the car is not in use, such as weather, news, local events.

Here are the videos to discover it in motion!


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