Electric bike: NXT Motors, participative financing validated for the Dutch Superbike


Here is an electric bike coming from Holland, after a successful collaborative financing campaign, the NXT Motors One will be produced for first deliveries expected at the end of the year!


NXT Motors chose the local site SYMBID to raise funds, they raised the € 100,000 needed from 119 investors, in addition to a personal investment of the founders of € 50,000.



Specs sheet

No more detailed information on the components or sourcing of this electric superbike for now, only a few figures.

This fundraiser will allow to market the NXT One an electric motorcycle that announces a 0 to 100kph in 3 seconds for 200km of range which will then have two versions:
A Naked model and a Café Racer model, with 2 or 1 seat respectively, the Naked will offer additional equipments like a top case or side bags, no official price but the promise of good value for money!


As for the rest of the technical part, the NXT One receives an adaptive LED front light to avoid blind spots in tight corners, a KYB fork and Ohlins shock absorbers, Tokico double pot caliper mounted on 310mm discs (240 in the rear).

A pre-production version will be exhibited at the Eicma Show in Milan in November, about 20 of those units should be delivered by the end of the year.
Regarding sales targets, NXT Motors plans 600 units for the next three years, once consolidated they target 1000 units per year with an expanded product portfolio.


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