(VIDEO) Electric boat: SeaBubbles, after Paris, Geneva interested in the water taxis


The SeaBubbles electric shuttles are a French project led by Alain Thébault who holds the speed record on a sailboat: 50 knots with the hydrofoil! And while the final prototypes are being tested, SeaBubbles is contacted by the biggest and completes a second fundraiser.


This electric watercraft uses the principle of foils mastered by Alain Thebault and which allows an efficiency increased by 40% compared to a classic boat.

Several sets of foils are tested to be able to either take-off faster or have better stability at high speed with a peak estimated at 30 knots and a minimum speed of 6 knots for take-off.

Paris, which is the pilot city of the project, is currently testing four pre-series models and most likely the dock (even if nothing is said about this) a station that is almost self-powered by solar panels and submerged turbines.

The SeaBubble specs sheet

The autonomy is today of 3.5 hours for a capacity of 4 passengers + 1 pilot, the production version is expected for 2018 with an increased autonomy. Take-off speed 6 knots, maximum speed 30 knots! A 12-seater version is also available.

Already supported by a fund raising of € 4 million a second fundraising is underway with a nice accelerator of € 10 million.
The river shuttle was presented in St Tropez at the end of August and most recently in Geneva.

The internet giants on the rows?
The company would also be in contact with Facebook to create a special "Bubblebus" shuttle for 32 occupants to connect San Francisco to the Silicon Valley avoiding traffic jams or with Google to make its bubbles autonomous!


Source Reuters, LeTemps.ch, LesEchos

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