Ariel’s EV Hipercar: 0 to 100kph in 2.4 seconds!


The company Ariel is a specialist in the power/weight ratio, based in England, Somerset, they produce in small series extreme vehicles in the line of Lotus or Caterham but with a more modern and radical approach. This time the target is the hybrid hypercars from the major manufacturers!



With its design straight out of MadMax it impresses already from the first look, an Ariel specificity! Its name is for now Ariel HIPERCAR which refers to the project "HIghPERfromanceCArbonReduction" but the name of P40 can be found on the internet too.


This hypercar is not exactly a "pure" electric because it has a 35kW micro turbine as a range extender (from Delta Motorsport), it is therefore a hybrid in series like the Fisker Karma or the BMW i3 but with a turbine it more likely has some Jaguar C-X75 genes!



Two versions will be available and presented at the LCV show in September 2017, a two-wheel drive version and a four-wheel drive version with 42 or 56kWh battery.
Equipped with inwheel motors of 220kW their power will be respectively 440 and 880kW, that is 590 and 1180hp !!

The more powerful of the two announces therefore figures that leaves the others way behind with a 0 to 100kph in 2.4 seconds, the 0 to 150mph (241kph) in 7.8secs for a vmax of 257kph.
The final version of the Ariel HIPERCAR will be presented in 2019 and production will begin in 2020.

No price announced but an indication from Ariel Motor: "it will be an excellent value for money in front of the hybrid hypercars that are worth £1M and will be faster”!

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