(VIDEO) Kitty Hawk Flyer an electric multicopter available before the end of the year!


There are many multicopters and drones projects, but when they are supported by Larry Page one of the founders of Google they have directly two strengths (at least): they become more credible and should see much faster the way of production!


This is the case of the Kitty Hawk Flyer, it looks like other multicopters that we presented before with its 8 rotors, but with its two floats it can land on water it which makes it a nice leisure craft and, flying above the water is clearly safer with this type of craft in case of breakdown or error of piloting!



For the moment only prototype, the Kitty Hawk Flyer can fly at 40kph for 20 minutes or 15 miles up to ten meters high, easy to control in just a few minutes it doesn’t require a license! The final product will have a very different look compared to the prototype according to the brand and the first production units should arrive before the end of the year.

A similar machine had taken-off its a few years ago, since, the company grew up, it is called eVolo and its aircraft the Volocopters!

While waiting for more information and mostly its price, you can already become a member of the Kitty Hawk community for $ 100 and share with other members.


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