(VIDEO) DeLorean Aerospace DR-7, an electric X Wing with vertical take-off


While the name of the brand makes you think of “Back to the future”, it is rather towards Star Wars and the X-Fighter that this electric plane plunges us! Here is the first informations available!

First of all the company, founded in 2012 and based in California, DeLorean Aerospace comes from the same family as the car manufacturer. Precisely, it is the nephew of the founder of DeLorean who, disappointed by the offer of modern and exciting aircrafts decided to build his own!


Thus was born the DR-7, an electric VTOL "built like an F1" with a composite monocoque structure and a design of rear wing in X and canard at the front. This design allows optimum efficiency with a minimum drag coefficient.

The DeLorean DR-7 accommodates two passengers seated in tandem and although its specs sheet is not revealed, it promises to be 100% electric and autonomous in order to be usable by most.

Two ducted propellers that pivot on axles allow vertical take-off and a flight mode.
For now there are only two prototypes and the largest is 1/3 scale, the real scale prototype with 6.1m long for 5.6m wide is under development, the target range is 120 miles or 193km.


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