(VIDEO) The Infiniti Prototype 9 has a 40’s GP racer look with the new Nissan Leaf heart!


Revealed during Pebble Beach, here is how to blend Grand Prix cars from the 40’s with the best of current technologies.


This is a very original approach to that of Infiniti, especially since the brand does not have a racing legacy, but it is perhaps for this reason, to offer a neo-retro heritage to the brand that the designers thought about the Prototype 9. According to Infiniti it was about celebrating the craft and the passion, indeed the Prototype 9 would be born of a team of passionate volunteers who wanted to create a dream after their working hours!

According to the release, Prototype 9 uses a dedicated electric motor that is not available in other models while the battery is sourced from Nissan ... But when we look a little closer on the characteristics of this motor, it seems that we are dealing with the engine of the 2018 Nissan Leaf because it produces 148ch for 320nm of torque, the battery is on the other hand the one of the actual generation with 30kWh.

The 0 to 100kph takes about 5.5 seconds, this is a rear-wheel drive that can reach 170kph, weight is 890kg.

Small detail for experienced amateurs, in order to represent the automotive art, the metal sheet of the bodywork have been carved by hand, the old fashion way, personally we love its retro look worked up to the false drum brakes!

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