Hyundai FCEV, a hydrogen SUV with 800km of range


Hyundai has just revealed a new concept vehicle (without official name for now) in Seoul before an official reveal at the CES in Las Vegas in January 2018

Derived from the FE Concept presented in Geneva 2017, this demonstrator could be the next generation of Santa Fe or a new model in the SUV range!

The fuel cell it houses is the fourth generation of Hyundai’s hydrogen technology.
Indeed the third generation was already very successful with the Tucson or ix35 which even has its own fleet of taxis in Paris with a charging station in Alma, compared to this generation efficiency increases by 9% and range should be 800 km!
The evolutions have been focused on the energy storage with now three tanks and on extreme conditions with for example starts at -30° celsius!

Then, this fourth generation of FCEV sees its production costs reduced and longevity of the fuel cell increased thanks to technological advances.

In the press release focused on new energies, Hyundai also talks about its electrification plan with three electric models in approach, a premium offer to complete the IONIQ offensive.


_First of all their newborn, the fun compact SUV KONA (picture up) barely presented will have an electric version in 2018 with a range of 390km
_An electric Genesis in 2021 (flagship model of the brand)
_An electric sedan with large range (more than 500km) by 2021

To be continued !

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