(VIDEO) The Renault Zoé eSport in drift on circuit!


Presented at the Geneva Motor Show 2017, the Zoé eSport had not really demonstrated its potential on the track and on the web until now ... It is now done!


Indeed, the Zoe eSport had showed up in public during the ePrix of Paris but the last tests on the Circuit of Dreux allowed a few lucky ones and especially the one that we discover in the video to put this small electric bomb to the test!


This Zoé eSport has been developed by Renault Sport whose chassis know-how is no longer to be done and with the help of engineers who work in Formula E! As you understood, it only has the Zoé name and looks, because this eSport is a real track car, a steering wheel, a roll-cage, two bucket seats, and two electric motors!

In figures, the Zoé eSport offers a 460hp combined output with 640nm of torque for 1450kg, normal that it leaves room for beautiful slides from the first laps!

A real image vehicle for the reputation of Renault and the Zoé, and to catch the eye of the refractory "petrolheads", it will certainly not see the light of day on the open road, but we can hope that the acclaim will push Renault to think of a monotype championship series with this nice little monster, a bit like Electric GT is doing with some Tesla Model S!


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