Baojun E100, better than the Twizy in China, an electric city car has less than 5000 €!


Here is a tiny electric city car called Baojun E100, a brand unknown to us but supported by two local manufacturers and an international group.

Baojun was born in 2010 from a partnership between SAIC, GM and Wuling to produce and market vehicles in China. After launching sedans, SUVs and a complete range of models, Baojun is tackling the electric market with this microcar!


The Baojun E100 welcomes two people with premium features suchs as a 7 inch screen, Wifi, electric power steering, parking radars and ISOFIX bindings.
On the powertrain side it houses a 29kW electric motor with 110Nm of torque which allows to reach 100kph with a range of 155km, the battery - whose capacity is not revealed - is placed under the seats, charging takes 7.5 hours.


Locally its price is set at 35800Yuans with government grands, ie barely more than 4500 €, for the least competitive this small electric city car!

At first 700 vehicles will be manufactured but the brand has already received more than 5000 pre-orders!

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