(VIDEO) Forze VII, a hydrogen racing car


Here is the latest creation of the Technical University of Delft in Holland, the FORZE VII!



The project and saga Forze began in 2008 for the University of Delft with the wish to present a hydrogen sports vehicle, the Forze I (a karting at the time) was born!

Since then, with the help of sponsors and thanks to the will of the students, the Forze has grown to the point of a Le Mans prototype! Indeed, its chassis is a monohull Adess LMP3 on which the technology of the Forze VI was installed, lighter with 860kg, the Forze VI managed to set the record of the Nurburgring for a hydrogen car in 2015 with 10:43:56 minutes!

To come back to their last-born, the Forze VII, it will hit the track next August, during the GAMMA racing days on the circuit of Assen against gasoline cars!
A few figures, the hydrogen cylinder is placed in the rear center position and the Forze VII reaches 210kph, and weighs 1100kg for a 0 to 100kph in less than 4 seconds.

In France we have the GreenGT H2 which has already proved itself on racetrack and more specifically during the 24 hours of Le Mans but not in competition...

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