(VIDEO) Gratis X1 - an electric jetski lighter than a gasoline one!


While most electric Jet Skis are still prototypes of DIYers, Free Form Factory has just revealed an electric jet that seems even better than a gasoline one, the Gratis X1!


Imagined by Jordan Darling, founder of Free Form Factory who is only 24 years old, the Gratis X1 is a stand-up jetski with an interesting specs sheet! Indeed, electric vehicles are usually heavier than their gasoline equivalents, but not this time, with 172kg only, Jordan has managed to make the Gratis X1 lighter by almost 70kg than a gasoline equivalent thanks to a specific hull made from thermoformed polymers.

Combine this with a power slightly lower than its equivalent but with as much torque and especially immediate and the cocktail is ideal!

The electric jetski Gratis X1 is equipped with a Z-Force electric motor of 56kW, that is 75ch, a motor sourced from Zero Motorcyles which allows to reach 40 knots! The 6.5kWh battery lasts 30 to 60 minutes depending on the use  (an additional 3.3kwh pack is available) for a charge in barely 3 hours.

Priced at $ 17,990 it is higher than a petrol jet skis petrol that turn on average around 10,000 €.



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