Ma Dinghy, the electric Fiat 500 Jolly!


While the Fiat 500 is entering today the New York Museum of Modern Art and celebrating its 60th anniversary, we are pleased to introduce you to an electric version molto bella, the Dinghy DC1, a French initiative of the Paris region, meeting of 4 enthusiasts.



They had chosen to present their demonstrator at Retromobile last February in Paris to reconcile vintage and modern. As if it was meant to be, we met the electric Fiat 500 Jolly today in the Parisian street and directly had a crush for it!
Indeed the original Fiat 500 Jolly is already quite remarkable with its cut body, its rattan seats, and boat style inox - but when the characteristic twincylinder noise and vibrations are not there it surprises even more!


On the performance side the DC-1 announces 90kph in peak and 100km of range, charging takes 4 hours on a household plug.

The Dinghy team is planning a limited edition of 99 units of their small electric Fiat 500 Jolly, no price posted on the site (because it is tailor-made) but according to the information gleaned on the web it is set at around € 35,000. Even if the price is higher than the electric Moke Nosmoke etc ... It has the cute card of the dolce mobility!

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