155 units only for the first electric Aston Martin #RapidE


We had announced this Aston Martin Rapide electric in October 2015 and presented the first informations, it is now official, 155 units only with performances "not experienced before in an Aston Martin."


Almost two years after the prototype of RapidE, we learn a little more about the intentions of the brand... The first all electric Aston Martin will see the light, confirmed in the form of a four-seater sedan and with a very limited number of units for the technological jewel (of the crown)!

The start of the production is announced for 2019, result of the collaboration with Williams Advanced Engineering based in Oxfordshire, England - it will relegate the performances of the Rapide S to the second level (mostly thanks to instant torque)! Meaning, better than 552hp and the 0 to 100kph in 4.4 seconds ... But will it be enough to beat the Tesla Model S 100D and its 2.7 seconds ??


No figures are announced but in 2015 it was about 800 to 1000hp announced and according to the first sketches, no doubt that this electric Rapide will be sporty!

True image vehicle and spearhead demonstrator - but that the brand decided to put to the market - much like the SLS e-cell for example in a more British version, a sleek 4 seater resolutely sporty!


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