(VIDEO) O-R3 an autonomous car and a drone, the new team of the Dubai Police


In addition to their supercars fleet the Dubai Police has just announced that they will be test a new tandem with an autonomous vehicle and a drone, a high-tech shock team dubbed O-R3!


Decidedly Dubai wants to be at the forefront of the technology, after the announcement of the first taxis drones with Ehang, this time the city police stands out thanks to Otsaw technology, a company based in Singapore.
The company, founded in 2015, a subsidiary of ActiV Technology, offers new solutions for security and surveillance with a high-tech duo the O-R3, drone + driverless car. The drone is deployed if necessary to increase the field and the speed of action of the O-R3 vehicle whose maximum speed is 15kph, the drone reaches 45kph.


The autonomous vehicle works with 360 ° cameras, thermal imaging, laser scanner and LIDAR and can identify objects up to 100 meters, its primary mission is the identification of faces or wanted vehicles and transmission to a call center .

Part of the smart Dubai initiative, the first units are scheduled for the end of the year and the Dubai police is planning up to 100 units of the tandem by 2020!

Source CNN

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