(VIDEO) French electric motorcycle: launch of the Electric Motion eTrek


Electric Motion is one of the pioneers of electric motorcycles in France with its electric trial bikes launched in 2010.

This trial bike, which is now available in three versions, has made it possible to develop and test components in extreme situations increasing the brand's knowledge up to becoming the French Champion of trial in 2014!

Based in Castries, Hérault the design of the eTrek took a year and then a year of testing followed and, in May 2017, a first series of 30 units came out of the lines and most of them are sold already!

This electric trail, equivalent to a 125cc, benefits from Electric Motion's know-how with a continuous power of 6kW and 11kW in peak for 26nm of torque, its battery of 2.7kWh allows 70km of range with a total weight of 98kg. Three driving modes are available (standard sport and eco) for a maximum speed reaching 85kph. The charging takes either 1h45 with the optional charger or 3h45.

The electric motorcycle ETREK has been be officially presented to the press last month in Paris, its price is set at 8496 € and falls under 8000 € with the eco bonus of 670€.



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