(VIDEO) Ehang184 - taxi drones are arriving from 2017 in DUBAI


In January 2016 we presented you a passenger drone, the Ehang184, it was then only a concept but the team was very ambitious .. So much so that barely a year later they announce first flights In Dubai this summer!


Here is the Uber of the future, you thought that your Uber would soon be a self-driving car and well we will probably be able to skip this step and directly switch to taxi drones!

Because of its size, the Ehang184 is more of a mini helicopter than a drone, however it is electric and based on the same technology as drones. It welcomes one person and is powered by 4 counter-rotating propellers placed at the four corners, a type of flying machine also called quadcopter.


The Roads and Transport Authority from the city of Dubai announced that from July 2017 the drones would be available to the public following tests already carried out in the city and especially around the Burj Al-Arab tower (see video).

The current range of the Ehang184 would be one hour of flight or 50 kilometers and it can carry a passenger up to 100kg, according to the video they will be at your disposal exactly like Uber, via an application! Fiction becomes reality in Dubai!

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