These meccano looks electric 2 wheelers are cut in aluminium


Initially called 8ight at its launch - we follow ETT since their debut in 2015. The first model of the brand, a one seater electric scooter with a futuristic look named Raker now has a brother with pedals, an electric bicycle called Trayser!


The ETT concept is to work around an aluminum monocoque.
Their know-how? Laser cutting and 3D printing and an attention to details that can be seen in the very neat finish! With 3D printing additions you can imagine some add-ons yourself such as a speaker stand or cup holder.

The company based in England announces prices of £2880 and £1990 respectively (€ 3350 and €2315 at today's exchange rate).

ETT Raker - an electric scooter design for just over 3000 €

Here is its technical sheet in brief, more than 100km of range, charging in 5h, motor of 2000Watt in peak, battery of 72V and 30Ah for a weight of 75kg and a max speed limited to 45kph.

ETT Trayser

Here again, an electric bike with a very industrial / raw look like its elder, aluminum panels with an ostentatious cut that hides battery and components and on which are grafted the fork,  saddle and elements of the back arm just like on a Meccano.

Its main advantage? An autonomy that exceeds 145km with a minimal intervention of the cyclist according to the brand. It is a pedelec with 250Watt of power and a speed limited to 25kph via a single speed belt transmission, it weighs 27kg.

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