(VIDEO) NIU an electric scooter for less than 3000€


Spotted for the first time in Europe at the EICMA motorcycle show held at the end of 2016 in Milan, here is the sensation of the Chinese electric scooters, the NIU!

This Chinese start-up launched in 2015 made a big hit on crowdfunding that allowed the company to raise $ 11,000,000 in just two weeks !!
Locally the scooters are available for less than $ 1000 but their price in Europe remains interesting on the market, list price of 2699 € for the N1S CIVIC and only 1499 € for the entry-level called M1!

True success story, the company already boasts 100,000,000km traveled by its scooters, very impressive !!

For the specs sheet, the N1S Civic has 80km of range thanks to a removable lithium ion battery (of 10kg) placed in the floor and a Bosch motor of 1.5kW authorizing 2.4kW and 120nm of torque in peak for a weight of 95kg.
Equivalent to a 50cc, the NIU N1S Civic is limited to 45kph, three colors are offered, white, red and black, they are coupled to an application that serves as GPS, theft alert and alarm, it also shows charging stations.
The entry-level version M1 only accepts one person, it will be available later in the year, it has a smaller motor and battery which explains a more attractive price.

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