Red Shift ST a street electric motorcycle with boardtrack looks by Alta Motors


We were talking about Alta Motors in 2014 (formerly BRD), after focusing on track electric motorcycles - whether cross or supermotard - in order to test the motorcycles and their components in extreme situations, they just revealed the first images of a more street oriented bike concept with a super look, its name, RedShift ST

While keeping their positioning focused on performance and efficiency they imagined a mix between a track and street motorcycle, therefore the name ST: Street Track.
No specs sheet for the moment this is only a concept that will be presented on the bike show of Portland Oregon, The1moto show which opens its doors on February 10th.

On the other hand, this ST is based on the same chassis as the two models MX and SM and therefore the same specs - we recognize their battery pack of 5.8kWh!

As a reminder the Alta Motors MX and SM have a 40hp engine matted with a battery of 5.8kWh for a range of up to 80km and prices displayed at around $ 15,000. According to the very enthusiastic reactions on the Facebook page of the brand, the managers of Alta Motors have confirmed that it is for the moment only a concept, just them having fun around a bike for now!
Via Electrek et Facebook AltaMotors
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