(VIDEO) Gac EnLight, an electric supercar with butterfly doors


While earlier this week we were presenting the prototype of Lucid Motors, an electric sports sedan, here is another concept of electric sportscar coming from Asia!

Founded in 2008 - GAC (Ghangzhou Automobile Company) is one of the most important manufacturers in China as they say.. And they want to be in the spotlight with a concept of electric supercar, the GAC EnLight!


Presented at the Guangzhou Motor Show in November, this halo concept is also a development laboratory that allows GAC to work on a chassis specific to electric vehicles, on graphene or even virtual reality...
No more precisions on its specs, but this GAC EnLight concept is most of all a sign of a new era for GAC, faster developments and premium models.

Regarding the features of their electric sportscar, the EnLight receives butterfly doors, proposes the autonomous driving and is animated by in-wheel motors which make the EnLight a 4 wheel drive!

Accessibility on board -often difficult in sportscars- is facilitated with seats and a removable dashboard.
GAC is already well established in the Middle East, especially in Bahrain.


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