Noordung Angel Edition: Is e-bike perfection


We like to introduce you to high-end electric bicycles both for their technology or style with designs always more elegant or inventive .. Here, clearly, we are at the top of the top at all levels!


The Noordung Angel Edition is a demonstration of harmony between design and technology with its carbon frame, disc brakes, Chopper fork ...
The electric motor is enclosed in the frame and literally invisible, it offers 200Watt of electric assistance.
Thus designed, it displays a weight of 15.6kg (battery excluded) with a range of 30km thanks to the battery of 400Wh.
Besides, why would the battery not be highlighted? Slightly diverted from its original function it becomes a smart boom box that plays your music, recharges your electronic devices and gives you the air quality!
It is designed as a fuel tank and equipped with a leather strap to be transportable easily, it weights 2.7kg.
Although this Noordung Angel edition is unaffordable at 8000 € without tax, it is a series of 15 "pre-production" units which lets imagine that a second series of production will put it a little more within our reach!


Par Technologic Vehicles
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