Lorinser, the era of eco-responsible tuning

Who never dreamt of more power and better fuel economy.

Let’s talk about Lorinser, they have just released at the 2010 Essen Show the EasyBrid technology allowing to retrofit a 30kW (41hp) electric powerplant with hub motors that can fitted to any car with rear drum brakes (ex: Twingo, Polo, Fiat 500) therefore requiring no transmission and offering direct power to the wheels. 
Sportservice Lorinser created this product for compact cars, it provides more power while reducing consumption and CO2 figures.

Either or both engines can be used equipped with regenerative braking.
The technology figures are of about 30km in pure electric and 500km in combined mode (hybrid).
Thanks to an innovative approach the system is rather affordable: 5000€

“Following the offer for mobile phones,contracts can be introduced which bind a customer to an energy provider owning the batteries of the car on a long-term basis. The energy provider could therefore use its own battery as energy storage for vehicle-to-grid concepts and the car driver could pay the batteries by an increased energy price.”

Specs of the model shown at Essen based on a Smart ForTwo.

Retrofit hub motor:
Electric nominal performance: approx. 30 kW /41 hp
Reach (solely electric) approx. 30 km
Reach (hybrid) approx. 550 km
Aerodynamic pack
Lorinser light-alloy wheels 17“ Speedy

Source: Lorinser
Par Technologic Vehicles
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