Hyundai motor plans an autonomous vehicle and car sharing - starts with the Ioniq


Hyundai, Korean car manufacturer, becomes more important on the segment of the electric and hybrid motor cars, with his model Ioniq. He pursues his development with the willingness to develop an autonomous vehicle and a car-sharing system.


In the sight of Hyundai: the production of a plug-in hybrid Ioniq and an autonomous model


Hyundai is the creator and the manufacturer of Ioniq: a compact sedan available in two versions, the one hybrid (CO2 emissions : 79 g / km, running consumption: 3,4 liters, top speed: 185 kph, 2 modes : eco and sport) and the other one completely electric (drum kit : 28 kWh, autonomy: 280 km, top speed: 165 kph). Next step : Hyundai plans to produce a plug-in hybrid Ioniq in January 2017 and, over time, to market an autonomous version. An advanced prototype of this last version, inspired by 100 % electric Ioniq model, was moreover presented recently at the Los Angeles show. Elaborated by Hyundai in the Nevada, The technology of autonomous driving which will equip this future model turns out to be sharp : it will be endowed with a triple camera situated at the top of the windscreen, with numerous successful radars, with a GPS antenna, with a software of analysis of the information delivered by these tools, etc.

This autonomous car will thus have a vision of the road in 360 °, will have a device of self-regulation of speed and preservation on the way. She can also detect the obstacles on the road, even those presents in the dead angle.


An interesting car sharing program in Los Angeles


In parallel to this project of autonomous vehicle, Hyundai Motor America announced his future partnership with WaiveCar, world leader of the 100 % electric car sharing, which works on advertising revenue.

This association will give the opportunity to the motorists to drive the electric version of Ioniq on request for two hours without paying out a centime. They will have the possibility of pursuing their road beyond this duration for a little less than 6 dollars an hour. All this in a very simple way. The consumer has to command the car via an application available on Apple Carplay and Android Auto. 150 Ioniq will be available in car sharing through Los Angeles. If it works well, 250 additional Ioniq will be put at the disposal in cities surroundings afterward.

To make profitable the operation, the vehicle will be covered with advertisements including on its roof a digital display endowed with the 4G, which allows to realize a dynamic and geostrategic advertising. This way of marketing gives the possibility of making profitable the costs of the operation for WaiveCar. The system also allows the consumers to test electric Ioniq for free, and thus to make prospects for Hyundai, while making known the model about wider scale and by promoting ecomobility. Each so benefits there. The installation of this program is planned on the horizon 2017.

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