(VIDEO) NextEV - NIO EP9 the electric hypercar smashes the EV Nurburgring record


We told you about it last week, NextEV has just unveiled the NIO EP9, a race and track oriented electric supercar that surpasses by 360ch the pioneer of electric hypercars, the Rimac One!


Record on the Nurburgring

Indeed, the revelation of this car is done with several figures and notably a new record for an electric car on the Nurburgring at 7: 05.120 instead of 7.22 for the electric car TMG EV P002.


Architecture and Performance

The two battery packs are placed on the side parts of the car, on each side of the carbon-cockpit chassis that only weighs 165kg! These two battery packs make it possible to have a driver installed at the lowest height with a lowered gravity threshold and an additional function, the possibility of changing the batteries in 8 minutes for race or track days, while the recharge takes 45 minutes.

The NIO EP9 is powered by four electric motors controlled by four independent gearboxes delivering a total of 1360hp and 6334nm. Its suspension is adjustable in 4 points for performances worthy of the leading hybrid hypercars from McLaren, Porsche and Ferrari: 313kph max speed and especially a 0 to 200kph in 7.1
Its active rear wing allows to obtain a downforce 2x more important than on the F1

The NextEV company is likely to use the NIO EP9 as an image model because with their eco-friendly communication, their commitment to Formula E and their offices in Shanghai, San Jose, London and Munich, we can imagine a full range of models soon !!


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