NextEv, the mysterious and impressing future electric supercar


NextEv, new producer of battery-driven sports vehicles with high-performance is soon going to reveal (in November 21st in London) his hypercar NextEv 1, which promises high technological exploit. A still unfinished prototype was noticed during lightning tries in England last month, but the design is still unknown to this day.


What we know about the supercar NextEv


If we haven’t known about its exact design yet, other informations were revealed about this mysterious 2 seats supercar. Produced in England at low-volume, the supercar will cost some 900 000 dollars the unit.

Concerning power, the model NextEv would be endowed with 1 360 horses (without consuming a drop of fuel nor emitting no pollution). It could cross 0 to 100 kph within three seconds and be driven at the top speed of 300 kph.

It is so said it will compete with models such as Mc Laren P1 and LaFerrari, or still next Aston Martin AM-RB 001, as well as hypercar Mercedes-AMG in terms of price and performance.


A model produced by the start-up NextEv, which has some interesting projects for the future


Created by the Chinese billionaire William Li, the start-up NextEv does not plan only fabricate a low-volume of electric supercars. Later, it aspires to mass-produce intelligent and connected electric vehicles to come to compete with companies as Tesla or Faraday Future for example. The former president of the company, Martin Leach, who tragically died last month had announced earlier this year that :

“The first car (the model NextEv 1) is designed to attract attention and to show what we can do from a technology standpoint” and he added : ““But we will ultimately offer a wider range of models."

NextEv’s future electric vehicles will at first be produced in China by the chinese constructor JAC motors.

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