EICMA 2016 - the Vespa becoming electric in 2017!


The most iconic scooters is going electric, a first for Piaggio, which had until then only presented a hybrid version of its MP3, it is the EICMA 2016 - the Italian two-wheeler show that the brand presents its first electric scooter!

For now it is only a project that will certainly allow to judge the public's return before a production that is already announced for the second half of 2017.
No specs yet but Vespa will retain the features that made the success of the brand and its legendary scooter, foremost style and agility.
From what we can see on the photos, it is fitted with a in-wheel motor at the rear with an unchanged style but simply electric blue stripes and piping!


This type of pre-launch had already been chosen by the brand in 2014 for their electric bike (pedelec) Piaggio Wi-Bike (also on the EICMA show by the way) for a launch which happened in 2016!
The connectivity promised with this Vespa should also be inspired and based on the one of the Wi-Bike.

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