The Sea Bubbles : innovative battery-driven vehicles navigating on the water in Paris next June


One year after their creation, Sea Bubbles covered some distance. These futuristic battery-driven vehicles "flying" over the water are being tested and should navigate the Seine from next June. Attractive, the Sea Bubbles will probably be exported beyond the French borders.


What are the Sea Bubbles exactly ?


Sea Bubbles were created by the sailor Alain Thébault. They take the shape of small capsules of 4 places overflying the water thanks to their hydrofoils (wing-like structure). Propelled by an electric engine fed by two rechargeable batteries, Sea Bubbles can navigate over the water at the speed of 18 kph with an autonomy situated between 80 And 100 km.

Their advantages? They are multiple. On one hand, they don’t create whirl of water which usually affects the river walls. They are completely silent and show themselves as a solution to mitigate the problems bound to a too dense urban traffic on the traditional city roads. Last but not least : they are completely ecological. The whole lifecycle of these electric vehicles is based on a sustainable system, from the production, to their use. Sea Bubbles are made with biodegradable materials, they don’t pollute, and their batteries will be fed thanks to the renewable energies (solar and hydraulic energies drawn alongside the quay).


The future of these futuristic electric vehicles begins now, and it is promising


Paris is the experimental city of this visionary project. Eventually, Sea Bubbles could be used for a system of car sharing (the innovation would moreover have seduced the boss of Uber and the administrator of the Vélibs in Paris). Professional transport or direct selling to the private individuals were also evoked for their use. In brief, Sea Bubbles don’t miss marks of interest, even outside the hexagon: London or Geneva, for example, would be also interested in these small electric vehicles to equip the Thames and the Lake Léman. Case to be followed closely … In any case, for the moment, the prototypes of Sea Bubbles with reduced scale are in phase of test. The production of the futuristic machines will start from february.

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