(VIDEO) Nissan launches series hybrid cars - Note e-Power specs


Having conquered most of the market of the electric car and paved the way for electric mobility, Nissan starts a new challenge with the hybrid electric vehicles and chose to do so the series hybrid or range extender, a solution which had already been presented in the Chevrolet Volt or the Fisker Karma, here is in detail Nissan’s technology!


As with all the range extenders, a combustion engine is combined with an electric motor but it is only used to produce electricity as a generator and is not driving directly the wheels.
A much more efficient technology that the combustion engine thanks to the electric motor’s efficiency, which relies on a much smaller battery than a 100% electric vehicle because it serves only as buffer (1/20th the size of the Leaf’s and takes place under the front seats).


Specifications of the Nissan Note e-Power

According to data available in Japan (not official in Europe) the petrol engine is a 58kW three-cylinder 1.2l that provides electricity to a  80 kW and 254 nm electric motor.
The weight of the Nissan Note e-Power is the same as a conventional compact car with 1220kg, the Japanese JC08 fuel consumption test cycle show 34km/l or 2.9L / 100km
The Nissan Note e-Power for now only available in Japan, however, this technology is expected to arrive in Europe soon as part of the brand’s electrification strategy, this car is presented as a “gateway to electric cars”! Its price starts at the equivalent of € 15,456 locally (1.772.280JPY) for the base version "S"


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