Honda: a new version of the Clarity with 589 km range (VIDEO)


The Honda Clarity is a fuel Cell sedan launched on the market last year and now has 589 km range. It’s well rated among vehicles without combustion engines (Fuel Cell vehicles and full electric), in the United States.

The Clarity offers more range

Honda will showcase the new 5 seats Fuel Cell sedan before the end of the year. But first, the company will propose leasing contracts to clients via its dealerships on the targeted market of California. The network comprises of 6 dealerships in South California, five on which are in the Bay area and the last on in Sacramento. Honda wants to develop its network of dealerships while the network of hydrogen stations expands.

Thanks to advanced technology in the new Clarity, the vehicle is 33% more compact that its predecessors and has 60% increase in power density compared to the Honda FCX Clarity. The powertrain is more compact and integrated, in size it’s comparable to the V-6 engine, and perfectly placed under the hood of the car.

Regarding the design, the Honda FCV goes further than before since it has large aerodynamic body combined with straight clear lines. The interior is refined with rich and simple materials. Other elements such as the Honda Sensing are there to offer technology of assistance and security. In addition, the Apple CarPlay and the Android Auto are present to allow smartphones to connect with the vehicle.

Honda, pioneer of hydrogen surprises

Honda has been leader of the industry for almost 20 years in terms of development and expanding technologies for fuel Cell vehicles. One of the reasons why the company managed to be in this position thanks to real-life tests done on vehicles. Honda has made considerable technological progress with Fuel Cell since they are usable in hot or extremely cold climates, al the while satisfying clients and meeting safety regulations.

We have to remember that Honda’s second generation Fuel Cell, launched in July 2008 was heralded for being advanced technology at the time in terms of the design, packaging, and efficiency.

Honda had deployed its Fuel Cell vehicles in the United States, Germany, and Japan, as well as the FCX Clarity, named the 2009 World Green Vehicle.

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