Lynk & Co 01: an ultra-connected SUV by Geely


The first vehicle by the brand Lynk & Co is sport utility, with enough novelties to make a much-noted entrance in the plug-in hybrid segment. The Lynk & Co company was created by Geely, a Chinese automaker that bought Volvo.

The first vehicle to be produced will be LYNK & CO 01, a SUV model design by Peter Horbury, Head of design at Volvo and Geely as well as the Canadian Simon Lamarre, who is known for having designed the Volvo C30 and the V40.

A plug-in hybrid before the electric version

First, the LYNK & CO will be a plug-in hybrid version, but the company wants to decline the model into a version that is 100% electric. It will be powered by a 3 cylinder turbocharged petrol engine of 1,5 capacity from the Drive-E by Volvo.

LYNK & CO is a start-up, which wants to revolutionize the normal conventions of the car industry by speaking to a new generation that’s connected and international. The vehicle will integrate semi-autonomous driving modes, designed by the Swedish firm Ericsson.

The start-up has promised to limit the options and the number of colours available, but will launch ne collection every year. Thanks to the partnership with Ericsson, full connectivity is planned; furthermore, Alibaba and Microsoft will facilitate sales.

An ultra-connected vehicle

The brand is focused on a shared use with integrated voice recognition via an online profile, as well as direct sale through the Internet without using a dealership. The LYNK & CO will allow the acquisition and sharing of the vehicle online, with a leasing option, a subscription or car-sharing.

It’s the most connected vehicle on the market right now. The use can create a digital connected key via the online profile, but the vehicle remains traditional since the use can start the vehicle and open its doors with a normal key.

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