Electric bikes- Greyp G12H: Rimac’s new bike has a 250 km range(VIDEO)


Numerous brands are constantly trying to transform the way and means we use to travel within our cities, and it’s Rimac who is at the invented an electric bike of 250 km range, the Greyp G12H who managed.

The autonomy of an electric vehicle

The last model of the electric vehicle was invented by a Croatian company named Rimac and has 250 km range, close to Tesla vehicles, which have 150 to 250 km of autonomy. We understand that Rimac would try to make people purchase an electric bike, since its price is very high and dissuades more than one.

First, the Greyp G12H is equipped with a battery of 3 kW capacity that allows the use to ride long distances without worrying about recharging. In addition, a trip of 15 km will cost you only 2,1 euro cents, very cost-effective!

The G12H is more solid than traditional bikes and it carries a frame that goes from the saddle to the handlebar, touching the pedals. To make it more comfortable for the user, it is built on a powerful spring linked to the back wheel.

The electric bike is for many cyclist the “old man’s bike”, even though it has the advantage of allowing intelligent movement, go on long trips without getting tired. If we compare to the old model but similar – G12S at the price of 8,380€ without no guarantee, the G12H should be more expensive given that it has higher range. Made to reach a maximum speed of 45km/h, it’s interesting to own for urban usage.

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