The first Mini hybrid rechargeable (Countryman E) for 2017


With more and more automakers are in the race for clean mobility the British automaker Mini has announced the launch of the second generation of the Mini Countryman E, which will have a lithium-ion pack guaranteeing range of 41 km.

Fun to drive

The British automaker’s latest lithium-ion pack placed under the rear seat has 7,6 kWh capacity. For his part, senior vice president Sebastian Mackensen assured that the Countryman wouldn’t just be efficient, but also fun to drive. These cars are notably known to give the impression of driving a kart.

Inside the vehicle, you can notice the start button, which will no longer be red but yellow. The dashboard will indicate the level of battery and the remaining range, among other things. The electric engine placed by the rear axle pulls the front wheels. Such architecture allows lowering of the centre of gravity. Indeed, on the one hand, the engine pulls the back wheels while the thermal shield pulls the front wheels.

Two electric modes

Regarding the driving modes, Mini has announced a standard zero emission mode dubbed “Auto eDrive”, allowing a maximum speed of 80km/h. Whereas, the “Max eDrive” mode can make the vehicle reach 125 km/h, in electric mode.

The average consumption of 2 l /100 km for CO2 emissions under the rate of 50g/km makes the countryman E and the BMW Serie 2 Active Tourer PHEV cousins (photo).

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