Fisker: announced a comeback with the a sedan 100% electric


Henrik Fisker, the former designer for BMW and Aston Martin is back to relaunch the firm after three years of silence. The latter is set to develop a luxury sedan 100% electric to compete with Tesla.

The high-end model 100% electric will succeed the Fisker Karma, only vehicle to have been launched by fisker Inc before the firm’s bankruptcy in 2013. Henri Fisker said this the following about the matter « Fisker Inc will start a revolution for electric vehicles that will overturn the market and transform the world. »

(The Fisker Karma, credits: Fisker)

Fisker is preparing a comeback to compete with Tesla

Before the spectacular bankruptcy three years ago, the group was popular among celebrities and many more fans of non-polluting cars. Now, the group says it’s working on an electric vehicle to be mass-produced, with a base price of 70 000 $. A well calculated price if the firm wants to position the vehicle against Tesla’s Model S. However, Tesla is not the only competition since it’s expected General Motors will be challenged. Fisker is indeed keeping a close eye on the American carmaker since the announcement of the launch of the Chevrolet Bolt starting beginning of 2017.

Fisker is counting on a high-performance battery

For differentiation, the designer of the BMW Z8 and the DB9 Aston Martin plans to deliver a battery with a never-seen capacity. Fisker also announced plans to create other innovations and technological gadgets.

BMW Z8 by Henrik Fisker

We now all know, Fisker counts on new-battery tech, never used by other carmakers, in order to stay ahead of competition. Questioned by Bloomberg, Fisker said « we are working very confidentially. For the past two years, we’ve been working on battery technology, by challenging the established paradigms. Our strategy was to improve technology rapidly, without paying attention to the obstacles (…) we now have technology well advanced than that of the competition. »

Aston Martin DB9 by Henrik Fisker

Fisker finally insists on intelligent use different components used. This means, the materials used are often times recovered, reusable and recyclable, a special feature that those who are concerned about the environment love.

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