The Volt’s EPA rating

The 2011 Chevrolet Volt its EPA rate today, with different mileage instead of one
Since the Volt is using technology that no other automaker currently offers, a new mileage label was created by the EPA with input from GM.

Electric only: equivalent of 93 mpg. 
Combination of electricity and gasoline: equivalent to 60 mpg
Gasoline engine only: 37 mpg.

From EPA sheet we can see that the Volt has a 35-mile range on electricity alone and a range of 379 miles with gasoline and electricity. 

The car just received the Green Car of the year award during the LA Auto Show a few days ago.
Its powertrain consists in an electric engine powered by battery or by a petrol engine used as a generator of electricity or in direct drive, that is why it gets three different grades.

Source: Automotive News
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