The electric car market interests Dyson (VIDEO)


Aston Martin’s former Director of Product Development has joined the kitchenware giant Dyson, who is said to be interested to join the electric vehicle market.

Earlier this year, The Guardian had revealed that Dyson was planning on developing an electric vehicle at the company’s headquarter in Wiltshire, UK, with the help of the British government. Dyson didn’t want to confirm the rumour and said it usually never makes statements about products in the build-up phase.

Ian Minards,Dyson’s key player

When Minards joined Aston Martin in 1997, he started by working on the DB7 model by the brand (which by the way, recently launched the DB11 model). Also, the range’s last-born will be present at the Parisian auto show at the Bridgestone stand, while the flying version will be publicly displayed in 2018. The following image is the DB11 by Aston Martin.

According to another on going rumour, Minards may have participated in the RapidE concept project by Aston Martin (an electric sport sedan with 550 horsepower and range reaching 320 km). Admire the RapidE in the video below.

Dyson’s plan

Under the direction of sir James Dyson (founder of the brand), Dyson has a five-year plan to invest 1,27 billion euros in electric battery technology. Wth his 20-year experience in the development of vehicles, we presume Ian Minards will not be in charge of kitchenware, but will rather focus on the development of electric vehicles by Dyson.

Diversifying its activities could prove to be positive on the financial level, since there is greater interest for electric vehicles. In addition, we hope Dyson will strengthen the image it has as an innovative brand. It’s not often that we see a manufacturer of modern blow dryers dig up such ideas.

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