Electric SuperKickscooter: the 100kph Moneghette!


Here is the raciest and certainly fastest electric kickscooter, an unidentified rolling object designed by Eduard Bockaj, a project born to move itself, therefore he created the electric kickscooter of his dreams.



From what we can find on the internet Eduard Bockaj is a Croatian media man and celebrity now Monaco resident, he founded Moneghette in 2012 with a first prototype tested since 2015!

More in the beauty of the object and the performance that the minimum footprint and ease to carry .... This electric scooter weighs 45kg but is powered by a 10kW motor and a battery (undisclosed capacity) that allows 100km of range with a maximum speed of 100kph! Charging takes 4 hours.

VIP mover only,  the Moneghette is reserved to residents of Monaco !! No price announced, it is made to order!


When stopped, the Moneghette holds alone, a bit in the chopper way on a side stand - all just by being balanced on the side of the platform that hosts the passenger.
Besides, this platform can also welcome two people for romantic rides there is even a "Date" gallery on the website!


via YankoDesign

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