160km range for the 2017 BMW C-evolution electric scooter


After a first version launched in 2014, the electric scooter C evolution by BMW is making a comeback: two newly-perfected versions will be revealed at the next Paris Auto Show.


A practical solution of mobility 

The C evolution has been re-mastered to become even more practical, autonomous and powerful. It’s meant to make mobility much easier in the city and is a sort of efficient substitute for the car, which is far from being a solution for travelling properly when there is traffic jam.

New abilities and qualities 


How? First of all, its thanks to the integration of lithium-ion batteries used for the BMW i3, which provides range of 100 km for the first version: the « Europe » model and hang on, 160 km range for the second latest version: the « Long range » model. The autonomy of the last one is consequently twice higher than the original version, but recharging seems rather longer: 4 to 6 hours depending on the socket.


The performance of the new versions is significant: Respectively one has 15 horsepower (maximum speed: 120 km/h) and 26 horsepower (maximum speed: 129 km/h). The « Europe » model can be driven by a A1 or B driving licence, whereas the other, more sophisticated, needs to be driven with a motorbike licence. The c evolution versions also have an original design: a grey and black base with a touch of green.


Another good point: their safety, in addition they conform to BMW car safety standards, and are made safer by a powerful anti-locking braking system together with an intelligent recovery system which works in freewheeling mode.

For the most advanced version, the estimated price is above 15 000 euros: technology has a price!

Other properties can be discovered « live » (or rather in « steel and aluminium ») at the Porte de Versailles at the highly-anticipated Auto show.

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