(VIDEO) Electric GT: a race specs Tesla Model S championship!


After the Formula E here is another step towards green motorsport! Announced earlier this year, the first Electric GT championship world series will start next year and the development of the car goes forward, they chose a high-performance series electric car, the Tesla Model S P85+



The EGTChampionship is an initiative born in Spain of the will of Mark Gemmell a Scotish living in Spain and the Spanish Augustin Paya.

For the first season that will count 7 races, 10 teams are expected with 20 cars, the races will be held in Europe, USA and Asia. The ElectricGTChampionship has already announced two official partners Pirelli and OMP.

Augustin Paya technical director of the event said that the Model S has been chosen simply because it's the best available! And for more fun instead of taking a version 4WD it is a rear-wheel drive version that they chose!



The electric GT championship is for now a monotype series but is open to other manufacturers when they will have electric supercars available ... The power of the Model S will remain stock (already good enough) with 416ph and torque of 601nm but it will be lighter as stripped out of comfort and infotainment features!

The changes are aerodynamic, for cooling suspensions and also braking, we can't wait to see it in action!


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