The fastest e-bike of the world!


Probably also the most expensive, but, what a head turner and a desirable object.
We were already referencing PG Bikes as they are for me one of the most stylished brand of bikes and e bikes available.

Referencing them in the data base, I saw an ongoing project, the “BlackTrail”, the project pictures were promising but this is amazing.
A unique piece of technology in a limited edition of 667 pieces made from carbon fiber, magnesium, titanium for a weight of only 19,8kg, and I suggest you wear a helmet because the beast goes to a 100kph!! Its Lithium Ion battery allows a range of 200km for 150 minutes of charge, simply awesome!

I can’t wait to see it on the road.

With such features the price tag is secondary, even though it costs 59500€ (76862$ at the article date rate…)

Source: PG Bikes

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