Update on the 2016 Paris Auto Show 2016 (VIDEO)


The Exhibition Park at la Porte de Versailles will welcome the mythical International Car Show of Paris which has been taking place every 2 years for the last 120 years, from the 1st to the 16th of October,: a global benchmark!

Opel: Ampera-e

Key concepts guiding the highly anticipated biennial Exhibition this year are: know-how, innovation, eco-mobility, design, future, digital; in short, a full agenda that’s going to be exciting. Openings are from 10am to 8pm every day with late-night openings until 10 pm on Thursdays and Fridays. We’ll explore the key features of this new edition.

An original test area

Electric and hybrid vehicles will be in the spotlight in Hall 3 of the Exhibition Park at Porte de Versailles. It’s important to remember that sustainable mobility is a stake that is more and more focused on, now more than ever since the electric vehicle market is growing.

It will be possible to try electric and hybrid vehicles for free at the Exhibition or on outdoor runs, which will start at the Exhibition Park, for the pleasure of electric vehicle lovers.

Here are some models that will be available for free trials, for instance: the Zoé by Renault, The Leaf by Nissan, but as well as the comfortable and charming city car 100% electric: the Soul electric by Kia, and the e-Up and the e-Golf by Volkswagen, and many more…

Last year there were already nearly 10 000 vehicles which were available for free trials for the public. This year there could more tests so remember to book your free trial, without an appointment, it’s harder to enjoy a trial.



The electric and hybrid concepts expected at the Exhibition

Carmakers will unveil clean, futuristic and exclusive concepts that people can admire. In a strategic offensive, which aims to improve brand image after the “Dieselgate” scandal, Volkswagen, via the president Herbert Diess, revealed that a compact prototype, with good range for off-road rides, is in preparation. Shaped like the Golf and the Passat, the version will be able to reach 400 to 600km in a single charge.

As for Opel, they’ve placed a bet on the Ampera-e to attract the crowd. The 5 seats city car will be the first electric version of the brand. Twin of the Chevrolet Bolt in terms of its architecture, the Ampera-e will be a family-car in some aspects and sporty at the same time with undeniable engine power.

As for Mercedes, for a future presentation, they have chosen a premium quality sedan created by one of its brands. The prototype looks like it’s going to compete with Tesla famous Model X, especially when it comes to the level of autonomy: It will have over 500km range.

A part from full-electric vehicles, rechargeable hybrid vehicles will also have their spotlight during the Exhibition. It’s the case for the highly anticipated rechargeable hybrid version of Citroën CXperience, which is an elegant “low-pressure” and high-end sedan with 300 horsepower. The vehicle can reach 60 km in electric mode thanks to the presence of a 13kWh battery.

In short, concept cars built for sustainable mobility promise to make their presence known at this Exhibition. This selection is a short preview of clean vehicles from all segments available to be admired.


Those who are not coming this year

The absentees of this year are Ford, Volvo, or Mazda, Chevrolet and Lancia who wish to stand back from the French market and not showcase their vehicles in Paris. The range of luxury and sports cars: Bugatti, Lamborghini, Aston Martin and McLaren will not be too exposed either.

All of these car brands have chosen to skip the show and organise their proper marketing operations. Perhaps they underestimate the Parisian event, still considered key in the automobile world. It is by the way the first Exhibition Park for vehicles in terms of number of visitors and exposure in different outlets.Below a video of the Citroën CXperience.

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