With the e-F01 by Peugeot, urban dwellers are in for a surprise!


On September 7th, the carmaker Peugeot unveiled their latest creation next to the Peugeot SUV 5008. The Peugeot Design Lab (a group of stylists in charge of inventing the latest innovation related to urban travel), created the foldable electric bike.



After having made a perfect entry on the electric scooter market with the e-kick signed Peugeot Design Lab, the time has come for Peugeot to set itself apart on the bike segment. The benchmark brand of foldable bikes since the creation of its first foldable bicycle in 1892, the eF01 respects the DNA of the foldable bikes of the brand made in the 1970s.


Practical, urban, viable

The eF01 is an addition to the range of electric bikes invented in 2009 that has 10 versions for all usage. Peugeot’s message is that we can have an active, fluid and simple experience on multi-modal trails. For that, the brand emphasizes on the foldable mechanism, which is very innovative.

The Peugeot Design Lab delivers an eF01 that folds and unfold in less than 10 seconds, what is easier than this! It has 3 movements, which the user can do in any given order to switch between bike traveling, walking by foot or using the metro or bus.

The eF01 is easy to store thanks to the Dockstation. In addition, its lithium-ion battery is rechargeable in the trunk of any vehicle equipped with a 12 volts socket in just two hours. Regarding performance, the eF01 can reach the speed of 20km/h with the autonomy of 30 km in a single charge. Its disk brakes on the front and back wheels are 16 inches, powerful enough to reassure the most sceptical among us.


It lives up to expectations in terms of modernity

 According to stylist Neil Simpson “the eF01 has an adjustable saddle with position memory: the patented system allows one to choose the suitable height quickly, after foldable the bike.”

The device will please connected people since the foldable bike integrates a Bluetooth Low Energy system to allow connection with smartphones. The APP MyPeugeot is compatible with all smartphones on the market and will show you the autonomy and the level of charge of the lithium-ion battery.

For the moment, the price has not been revealed but that hasn’t stopped the bike maker to plan the sale of the foldable bike starting from the first semester of 2017.

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