First spy images of the new Supra (FT-1)


After the new hybrid NSX that has been revealed officially this year with a dual launch under Acura and Honda badge here is Toyota's response with a spy picture of the new Supra final styling should use the lines of the FT1 concept presented two years ago.



Indeed, Honda has been working for many years on the NSX successor for a return of the brand's iconic sportscar, its Nippon rival Toyota did the same with most likely an hybrid sportscar to! In fact they had introduced the concept FT- 1 back in 2014 in Detroit without no more precise release info, so it is great news to see this prototype in development!


It announces the upcoming return of the Supra in hybrid that should benefit from the strong experience gained in endurance with its hybrid LMP1 (already three generations: TS030 TS040 TS050) even faster than the Porsche this year but missing just a little luck (see Le Mans 2016) ... And of course Toyota will also capitalize on the Prius feedback!!

Therefore we can expect a very interesting high performance hybrid sportscar, we look forward to learn more!

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