(VIDEO) Ease smart e-bike kit by TUM Create


On several occasions we have presented simple electrification kits to transform your classic bike in electric bike / pedelec, we also follow closely the Technical University of Munchen (TUM Create) which has already provided some nice surprises!



Here is the alliance of the two, an electrification kit by TUM Create (the Asian branch of TUM, which is based in Singapore). EASE by TUM Create mounts in seconds, some kit alike already exist but some are a complete wheel like the Copenhagen Wheel or FlyKly but the EASE uses friction roller technology and contrary to the Rubee kit (see also ShareRoller) that was to our knowledge the first of its kind, the drive is made via the rear wheel and not the front one!



Some other features, it is foldable in half and is therefore very compact, it weighs only 3.5kg, and is fixed to the rear frame and the rear wheel, it delivers 250W with a maximum speed of 25kph (pedelc standard) for a range of 50km, its recharge takes 3 hours on a domestic plug.

This invention is not yet on the market but only in the testing phase.. To be continued!




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