(VIDEO) Yadea Z3, a Chinese electric scooter aims to conquer the world


Yadea is a leader in the electric two-wheelers market in China with electric bicycles, tricycles or scooters, therefore they can afford to invest heavily in a model and a global launch for their scooter Z3!


Yadea is also the first Chinese company of electric vehicles to be listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange (since May 2016) enough to further accelerate its development!

The electric scooter Yadea Z3 has been tested on 100.000km for 120 days and will be offered in 15 countries!


Very competitive prices and services

Its price also makes it one of the most affordable electric scooters of the European market even if no EU price is announced ($ 3,388 only) it should reach EU for lower than 3500€, the price of a nice e-bike and with an interesting range!


About performances Yadea emphasizes a 9.6kg removable battery with Panasonic cells (the same as those found in the Tesla Model S) guaranteeing reliability and durability with a range of 120km!
The recharge takes just two hours, for convenience and comfort the Z3 is equipped with a GPS, a gas spring, USB port under the seat, all with a sleek look, you will surely hear about this Z3 !

The first countries where it will be available are China, Germany, Korea and Colombia


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