You will soon hop on board the H2 Speed by Pininfarina


Pininfarina’s work of art unveiled at the Geneva auto show this yeat will be produced in a limited series according to the latest statements made by the director of the Italian design house Silvio Pietro Angori.

The brand that is now owned by the Indian businessman Mahindra, wants to start preparing the production of 10 versions of the H2 speed, a hydrogen fuel cell racecar that produces water and air, doesn’t release any gas and can reach 300km/h.

A technologically advanced project

The H2 Speed racecar will be built according to a Le Mans Prototype 2 racing chassis suitable for FIA competition. GreebGT is the company that was in charge of giving the vehicle a hydrogen- run engine and running gears. The hydrogen fuel cell and the two electric engines were placed in the chassis. The vehicle should be able to reach about 503 horsepower. However,the pre-series prototype will be available only at the beginning of next year.

Pininfarina has made an obvious effort to achieve a perfect curvy finish, which makes the car stand out more.  This is probably the reason why Angori describes the vehicle as "a racing car for gentleman drivers." It’s a subtle invitation to taste the sweetness of driving an impressive engine in 12 to 14 months if all goes according to plan for the Italian company.

For those who are ready to put a price on the table, a H2 Speed should cost you about 2,24 million euros (2,5 million dollars). It’s not within everybody's reach, yes, but as the saying goes “ nothing comes for free”. There is a price to hop in a vehicle that goes from 0 to 100km/h in just 3,4 seconds.


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