(VIDEO) Opel Ampera-e: imminent reveal – 2016 Paris Motor Show


Update of August 30th article with a video teaser of a drag race betweeen Opel sport and race specs models and the Ampera-e!!


After the duo Volt // Ampera, here is the Chevrolet Bolt and Opel Ampera-e duo, Opel’s first 100% electric car is currently being refined before a likely unveiling at the 2016 Paris Auto Show and that's Karl-Thomas Neumann, in person Opel’s CEO that tests the car.



We have already presented the Chevrolet Bolt here is its cousin the Opel Ampera-e it is a city MPV that will attack a segment where there is not a lot of competition with a larger and more powerful vehicle that the Leaf or Renault Zoé!

Indeed this Ampera-e houses 204hp (150kW) and 360 nm instead of 80kW for the Leaf and only 43kWh for the Zoe, range is not announced but its cousin, the Bolt offers 320km of range from a 60kWh battery which is twice as the new Leaf and almost double of the new Ford Focus EV and it’s 33.5kWh!


Remains to see if other manufacturers will present alternatives of electric MPVs such as VW that appears to be ready to present a concept-car at the 2016 Paris Motor Show!

No release date announced yet but the first Bolts are expected by the end of 2016!


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