2016 Paris Auto Show: VW's EV Concept car



Update of August 30th article with the first images of Volkswagen's electric concept car exepcted for the 2016 Paris Auto Show


Volkswagen (VW) is still haunted by the « DieselGate » scandal, but turns to electric mobility to improve its image. The company will certainly unveil a prototype that is 100% electric at the Parisian auto show next October.



The information disclosed to this day regarding the new model

The president of the brand Volkswagen Herbert Diess reveals to the German magazine (WirschaftWoche) that this new compact vehicle, built like a Golf car and whose interior is similar to that of the Passat, was being produced. It should be ready for sale in two to three years.

The concept-car, which is also iconic as the Golf, can recharge in 15 minutes only to reach the range of 400 km and 600 km, which is a good performance. The exclusivity lies in the fact that it should be rather affordable and cost less than a vehicle using thermal engine.


This next model is part of eco-mobility projects of the brand

Based on the same model of battery and a similar launch pad to that of the prototype that is being made (the modular platform MEB) several models will be made: an eco-friendly SUV, a coupé, a small delivery car (also inspired by the BUDD-e), as well as a high-class limousine that is the replacement of the Phaeton, according to Herbert Diess. The latter proves he’s able to play on both sides of the fence when it comes to electric mobility, thus diversify VW activities by 2025.  Moreover, he is ambitious: for Volkswagen to be known as a major actor in eco-mobility, he wants to build 1 million electric vehicles every year, again, by 2025. We will wait and see how the situation evolves on the ground!

VW intensifies even more its efforts as the scandal of rigged engines still poses problems

The brand and more generally the Volkswagen group had better announce more openly its ambitions regarding the production of electric vehicles. This is simply because Volkswagen is still being called to account judicially for the “DieselGate”, and the scandal isn’t ready to go away.

On a criminal level, the scandal is still being argued in courts in the US. A judge from California ordered the group to resolve the issue of vehicles with Diesel 3 litres still circulating (80 000 of them) by next October. If not, they risk being sued next summer.

At the same time in Europe and Asia, the company is being sued as well. The compensation promised by Volkswagen should be higher (15 billion dollars for the 180 000 Diesel 2 engines with rigged software) and the financial cost could reach new heights (30 billion dollars) in the end.


Below a video of the Budd-e



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