(VIDEO) Uber partners with Volvo to bring autonomous cabs


This mid-August, Uber announced a partnership with the Swedish carmaker Volvo in order to make their car-sharing service the first to integrate autonomous technology within its vehicles. The two companies collaborating will invest 300 million  to develop autonomous driving in their respective services.


Autonomy in Uber’s vehicles

Uber had already decided to launch a research centre for autonomous driving last year in Pittsburg in the US, in which the latter would work hard to develop its own autonomy software. It’s in this same city that testing of a fleet of driverless vehicles connected to the Uber application will take place. According to the latest news, the customers will use SUVs for their trips; the model XC90 Volvo, driverless but has a driver present to watch the road but doesn’t use the wheel. Obviously because these is a test, the prices of every trip will not be cheap.

In order to upgrade further, Uber recently bought the promising start-up named Otto from California, which is specialised in the perfection of autonomous systems of vehicles, notably on trucks.


The Uber and Volvo partnership

The beginnings of the partnership were transformed last April into a lobby fighting deadly car crashes, to which Google participated in.  Contrary to the normal vehicle, which is subject to the driver’s weaknesses (sleepiness, alcohol consumption), the autonomous vehicle is seen as the solution to end deaths on the road toping 1 million worldwide. This is the security argument used by autonomous vehicle defenders, and also put forward in the Uber-Volvo partnership. To this regard, Volvo has used the  security argument for it’s brand image: Volvo vehicles are said to be the safest in the world, this must be the reason why Uber asked the carmaker to be equipped with autonomous vehicles.  

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